Papers of Heinrich Simon, University of Manchester : Glogau

Papers of Heinrich Simon, University of Manchester

<p style='text-align: justify;'>The fourth volume of papers relating to Heinrich Simon's life covers the period from 3 March 1829 until 26 March 1831, commencing with his journey to Glogau, where he arrived at 7 March 1829. Heinrich Simon was temporarily attached to the fortress of Glogau as the result of the duel. Later, after the investigation and hearing of the case had continued, he was pardoned by King Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia. After the pardon he transferred from the court in Brandenburg to the Oberlandesgericht (Supreme District Court) Glogau, to continue his preparation for the next law examination. In January 1831 he joined the Resourcen-Society in Glogau. A major family event during this period was the wedding of his sister Auguste Simon and Heinrich Gräff on 2 January 1830. A number of visiting cards inform about his social relations. The main part of the volume comprises correspondence.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'>Documents relating to his training at the court include: extracts from a book edited by the Royal Major von Rudloff from the Ministry of War concerning legal, military, police and judicial administration in Prussia, dated 1826; lists of legal cases Heinrich Simon had to work on and to deliver, of work delivered to Hoffmann, and of work delivered to Jüngel. Material documenting the period after his attachment to the fortress comprises: drafts of Heinrich Simon's application for transfer to the Oberlandesgericht Glogau as well as his application to the court in Glogau to employ him as <i>Referendar</i> and to grant permission to attend the next examination, dated 15 October 1830; copy of the answer stating that Heinrich Simon will be employed at the Oberlandesgericht Glogau, dated 20 October 1830; a letter from the Königliches Preussisches Kammergericht (Royal Prussian Supreme Court) to Heinrich Simon concerning his transfer to the Oberlandesgericht Glogau and releasing him from his duties at the court in Brandenburg; preparations for the second examination, including a sketch showing a secretaire with a bookshelf; a letter to Heinrich Simon concerning an affair connected with the court in Magdeburg; a copy of the application for the second law examination; a copy of the reply, including the date of the examination, 23 March 1831; and a note belonging to the duty files of Heinrich Simon, dated 26 March 1831.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'>The volume also contains material relevant to the duel in Brandenburg including pieces such as "instructions regarding my behaviour at the fortress"; a handwritten paper on the defence of Heinrich Simon; an excerpt from the investigation files; court files; a letter from Wickert to Heinrich Simon, advising him of the lifting of his attachment to the fortress in Glogau, dated 23 September 1830; a letter from uncle Heinrich Simon the Elder to his nephew Heinrich, expressing his happiness at the pardon, dated 20 September 1830; a copy of King Friedrich Wilhelm's pardon containing the decision that the time he spent at the fortress counted as penalty served and therefore releasing him from the attachment, dated 17/19 September 1830; a letter from the Minister of Justice to Herrmann Simon, informing him of the release, dated 19 September 1830; an application for reprieve by Herrmann and Minna Simon, dated 4 September 1830.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'>There are also numerous notes, some in Latin, communicated between Heinrich Simon and other people; on the reverse of piece SIM/4/39 is a drawing of a man in contemporary dress standing with his left foot on a crucifix, with the caption "Hic niger est! sagt jeder Christ; der Mensch ist ein Rationalist" ("...says each Christian; the human is a rationalist."). There are also notes on scrap paper in German, Latin and French; and two calendars with entries, for 1829 and for 1 January to 30 March 1831.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'>Miscellaneous items comprise: a poem sent to Heinrich Simon for assessment, dated 7 January 1830; visiting, invitation and congratulations cards; the visiting card of Heinrich and Auguste Gräff ; a picture entitled "Demoiselle Tibaldi as Tancred"; a poem written on the occasion of the wedding of the lawyer (Königlicher Ober-Landes-Gerichts Justizkommissarius) Heinrich Gräff and Auguste Simon; a letter confirming the membership of Heinrich Simon in the Resourcen-Society in Glogau; a letter and statutes of the society.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'>Correspondence forms the major part of the volume, and largely comprises letters exchanged between Heinrich Simon and his family, but there are also letters from colleagues and friends. The first letter in this volume was written by Heinrich Simon to his family, dated Berlin 3 March 1829. In it he expresses his pleasure at leaving Brandenburg behind him. The duel and its consequences still troubled him and these subjects were again discussed in several of the letters. A small number of letters were written during the journey from Berlin to Glogau. The first letter Heinrich Simon wrote from Glogau is dated 7 March 1829. Whereas in the previous volume only some of the letters were signed "Heinz", this is now an omnipresent feature. Heinrich Simon usually addressed his letters to the whole family (his parents, brother and sisters), with only a few explicitly written to one person. Item SIM/4/120 incorporates a sketch map of Glogau, Breslau and other places.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'>The letters sent to Heinrich Simon by members of his immediate family were, for the most part, written by two or more persons. Item SIM/4/178 includes a sketch of the seating arrangement at the wedding of Auguste Simon and Heinrich Gräff. Heinrich Simon received several letters from his siblings: Auguste, Julie, Hermine (Mitzel), and Gustav Simon. Another family member who features in the correspondence is his uncle Heinrich Simon the Elder. Other relatives and family friends include his cousin Maria, Franziska and Clara Kuhlmeyer from Brandenburg, cousin Lüttke, who sent a congratulatory letter, and Kuhlmeyer. In addition, superiors, colleagues and friends corresponded with Heinrich Simon, for instance Wickert, Harras, Rosenbaum, von Gärtner, Springer, Dümichen, Scholtze and Hoffmann.</p>

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