Papers of Heinrich Simon, University of Manchester : Breslau. The Referendar

Papers of Heinrich Simon, University of Manchester

<p style='text-align: justify;'>The fifth volume of papers concerning Heinrich Simon contains materials recording the time he spent in Breslau, from April 1831 to July 1834, working as a <i>Referendar</i> at the <i>Oberlandesgericht</i> (Supreme District Court) and preparing himself for the third law examination. There are documents such as papers relating to the court, his training and learning, personal accounts, several notes and correspondence. Some of the items relate to the case of the duel he was involved in. Other noteworthy events are his journey to Prague, stays in spas and his editing of a book about Prussian law in 1832/33.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'>Materials referring to Heinrich Simon's work at the court in Breslau and his preparation for the third examination include items such as an application by Heinrich Simon concerning the case of the duel, dated spring 1831; a letter from the president of the court in Glogau concerning Heinrich Simon's application to have the date of his examination brought forward, dated 28 May 1831; a reply to this application from the Ministry of Justice advising Simon of his appointment as <i>Referendar</i>, having passed the second examination, and of his employment at the <i>Königliches Oberlandesgericht</i> Breslau, dated Berlin 27 May 1831; a letter to Heinrich Simon concerning his employment in Glogau, dated 17 June 1831; a letter from the <i>Königlich Preussisches Kammergericht</i> (Royal Prussian Supreme Court) to Herrmann Simon concerning the case of Heinrich Simon and its expenses; letter to Heinrich Simon from the salary office regarding repayment, dated Berlin 16 February 1832; and a letter from the <i>Königlich Preussisches Kammergericht</i> to Heinrich Simon concerning repayment. In addition, there are copies of documents from the personal file of Heinrich Simon. These include: an order dated 6 June 1831; a reference dated 27 June 1831; and a note concerning the occupation of the <i>Referendare</i>. There are also several papers relating to cases, actions and hearings undertaken by or involving Heinrich Simon.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'>Items relating to the third law examination include notes and the written part of the examination called <i>"Relation"</i> or <i>"Probe-Relation"</i> (August 1831, 24 October 1833, 6 January 1834, and January/February 1834); a note concerning the <i>"Probe-Relationen"</i>; preparation planning; and several letters or drafts of letters concerning his application for the third law examination, some belonging to his personal file, including required papers and certificates. Item <a dir='auto' href='' onclick='store.loadPage(719);return false;'>SIM/5/105</a> is Heinrich Simon's curriculum vitae (CV) in Latin. Records relating to the editing and compilation of books by Heinrich Simon include: a calculation of the number of words fitting onto a printed sheet, and a list of contents of the book; a contract between August Heinrich Simon and the Bookshop August Schulz & Co. concerning Heinrich Simon's sale to the Bookshop of the publishing rights for a book about the Prussian Law of Guardianship edited by him, dated Breslau 13 August 1832; an action of Heinrich Simon against August Schulz & Co. because of non-compliance with the contract, dated Breslau 16 May 1834; verdict and reasons concerning this action; several letters from August Schulz to Heinrich Simon; and a letter dated 31 Dec 1833 which Heinrich Simon wrote to the Minister of State sending him a manuscript copy of the book.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'>In addition, there are drafts of letters, papers and notes; personal accounts such as a diary notes and calendars with remarks from 7 April to 31 December 1831 and 15 to 21 May 1834. Three bills record Heinrich Simon's stays at health resorts: Reinerz, 30 June to 5 August 1831; Reinerz, 6 to 29 July 1833; and Cudowa, 28 July to 12 August 1833. Several items refer to his journey to Prague in 1832 including travel planning, Heinrich Simon's Prussian passport for travelling to Prague, diary entries and notes; and a theatre programme from Prague.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'>Miscellaneous documents include: a little book: <i>Die Verständige und Vorsichtige Braut</i> (<i>The Sensible and Cautious Bride</i>), with a note of place and date bought; a map of the earldom of Glaz made by Heinrich Simon in Reinerz, 15 July 1831; a draft of a letter to the editors of the <i>Schlesische Cholera Zeitung</i> (<i>Silesian Cholera Newspaper</i>), dated 13 October 1831; a copy of the edition of the newspaper in which this letter was printed, 15 October 1831; a poem <i>"To Heinrich Simon"</i>, dated 29 October 1832; a printed cutting <i>"Sehr klug und glücklich ist der Mann, Der in die Zeit sich schicken kann."</i>, with written remarks on the back; a draft of <i>"Ehrenrettung der preussischen Juristen"</i> by Heinrich Simon; supplement to no. 98 of the <i>Breslauer Zeitung</i> (<i>Breslau Newspaper)</i>, dated 29 April 1834; and <i>"Hymnus auf einen Dukatenscheisser"</i>, names missing.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'>Heinrich Simon corresponded with the following people: his close family; Heinrich Gräff and Auguste Gräff (née Simon); his uncle Heinrich Simon the Elder in Berlin; his relative Lewald; his former school tutor Eduard Kaiser; his friend and colleague Julius Hoffmann; and several friends and colleagues. Item <a dir='auto' href='' onclick='store.loadPage(123);return false;'>SIM/5/11</a> is a letter concerning Heinrich Simon's wish to borrow a pistol, dated June 1831.</p>

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