Papers of Heinrich Simon, University of Manchester : Breslau

Papers of Heinrich Simon, University of Manchester

<p style='text-align: justify;'>The seventh volume contains papers recording the period after Heinrich Simon's return to Breslau, his employment at the court in Breslau as deputy of his brother-in-law, Heinrich Gräff, and his literary work mainly in the area of law. During this period, Heinrich Simon also went on several journeys, namely to Austria, Switzerland and France. Material includes correspondence, notes, drafts, publishing contracts, passports, post-coach tickets, personal accounts, leaflets, booklets, pages from newspapers and miscellaneous items. Records relating to Heinrich Simon's employment as a lawyer include a considerable number of letters from the Minister of Justice Mühler concerning Simon's employment and the repeated extensions of his vacation from the Oberlandesgericht (Supreme District Court) Frankfurt (Oder) and later from the Oberlandesgericht Breslau, when he was deputizing for Heinrich Gräff. The vacation enabled Simon to concentrate on his literary work.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'>Material includes letters from Oberlandesgericht Frankfurt (Oder) to Heinrich Simon concerning a repayment to the salary office, dated 23 November 1837 and dismissing him from his employment in Frankfurt because of his transfer to Breslau, dated 14 May 1839; a list of legal cases on which Heinrich Simon had to work from 1 November 1839; and a letter from the Ministry of War to Heinrich Simon concerning his criticism of a legal order and his request to repeal it.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'>His literary work is recorded in documents such as contracts, drafts and newspaper clippings and is the subject of several letters: contract between Heinrich Simon and the Bookshop Aderholz concerning his collaboration in a partly published book about additions and explanations of the Prussian Statute Books by legislation and science edited by Heinrich Gräff, C. F. Koch, Ludwig von Rönne, Heinrich Simon and A. Wentzel; contract between Ludwig von Rönne and Heinrich Simon on the one side and bookseller Aderholz on the other regarding the conditions of von Rönne's and Simon's collaboration in the publication of the above book; a letter from lawyer (Kreisjustizrat und Justizkommissarius) Dr Strass, asking Heinrich Simon for contributions to his Journal, dated Berlin 6 August 1837; a handwritten letter from the editorial office of the Staats-Zeitung concerning changes to the newspaper; a letter from chief editor of the Staats-Zeitung to Heinrich Simon informing him of his retirement, dated Berlin 10 August 1838; clippings from Centralblatt für Preussische Juristen (Central Paper for Prussian Lawyers) from 10 November 1838, columns 1073-1080 and 1101-1104, including marginal notes made by Heinrich Simon; contract between bookseller Aderholz on the one side and von Rönne and Simon on the other for the publication of a book concerning the edict of 14 December 1833, dated Breslau 10 June 1839; drafts of the contract; contract between Aderholz on one side and von Rönne and Simon on the other about the publication of a legal book, dated 8 November 1839; an addition to the contract, dated Breslau 1 January 1840; a letter from Aderholz to von Rönne, dated 7 January 1840; Letter and note from the Bookshop Jonas for Heinrich Simon; Breslauer Zeitung, no. 35, dated 11 February 1840; advertisement of the Basse'sche Bookshop in Quedlinburg concerning the publication of a book about wine-growing involving Heinrich Simon, dated 5 July 1840; supplement of the Breslauer Zeitung, no. 240, dated 13 October 1840, including a map of Emperor Ferdinand's northern railway; and a letter from the Minister of the Interior and the Police thanking Heinrich Simon and Ludwig von Rönne for sending him the book about the constitution and administration of the Prussian State, dated 20 June 1840.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'>Material referring to the journeys Heinrich Simon undertook includes personal accounts, notes, and post-coach tickets; a Polish concert programme with calculations on the reverse; copy of a letter from the General-Post-Amt (Supreme Post Office) in Berlin concerning priorities in the passenger transport between Oppeln and Breslau, Ratibor (Raciborz) and Krakau; Heinrich Simon's passport for travelling abroad; customs import form(s); post-coach tickets; a bill from an inn in Vienna; and a theatre programme, dated 28 September 1840.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'>The volume also contains several miscellaneous items such as notes. For example, a pencil drawing showing a portrait of a man sitting on a table drawing a portrait; a printed leaflet from the Berlinische Lebens-Versicherungs- Gesellschaft (Life Insurance Society in Berlin); the last will of Friedrich Wilhelm III published by his son Friedrich Wilhelm IV on the occasion of his assumption of office after his father's death, dated 12 June 1840, including remarks made by Heinrich Simon; a booklet invitation from the Royal Grammar School in Brieg for the celebration of Friedrich Wilhelm IV's birthday on 15 October 1840 and the public examination on 13/14 October 1840. </p><p style='text-align: justify;'>The correspondence involves Heinrich Simon, his family and a number of friends and colleagues. The occupations and events referred to above were also subjects in some of the letters. Heinrich Simon wrote letters to his father; to his uncle Heinrich Simon the Elder; to Hermine Simon; and to one of his aunts, Louise Bock. Letters were written to Heinrich Simon by his close family; his father; his siblings Gustav and Hermine Simon; his brother-in-law Heinrich Gräff; his uncle Heinrich Simon the Elder; his cousins Max Simon and Rudolph Simon, Lewald, and Johann Carl Lewald and his wife inviting Heinrich Simon to the wedding of their daughter Minna Lewald and Herrmann Haberkern on 23 April 1840; Ferdinand Fischer; cousin Lüttke; Cécilie Gräff (sister of Heinrich Gräff); Marie Förster; Elisa Selbstherr and Lieutenant Simon from Magdeburg, announcing their engagement with notes from Herrmann Simon; his former school tutor Eduard Kaiser; Julius Hoffmann, von Rönne, von Hugo, announcing the birth of his son, dated Glogau 12 June 1839; Dr Ferdinand Müller; and friends, colleagues and other people. </p><p style='text-align: justify;'>In addition, there are: a letter from Heinrich Simon in which he expresses his strong conviction that he is going to die of cholera in the next few days, dated 15 July 1837; and a letter from Leipzig to Friedrich Lewald.</p>

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