Golden Mummies : Figure

Golden Mummies

<p style='text-align: justify;'>Terracotta figurines such as this have predominantly come from apparently domestic settings, and these once brightly-painted objects were mould made and likely much cheaper than metal images of gods more associated with votives left at temples. The most common hybrid deity represented in the terracottas is the distinctively-faced Bes, who makes the apotropaic function of the figurines particularly clear – presumably using his threatening countenance to frighten would-be aggressors as in Pharaonic times. Although it is often assumed that Bes’ military iconography was directly inspired by the encounter with the Roman military, in fact the armour is Macedonian in origin and often with an oval shield appropriate to a Gaulish (Celtic) mercenary known since Ptolemaic times.Terracotta figurine of the Egyptian god Bes, shown wearing Macedonian-style armour, holding a shield in his left hand, and brandishing a sword over his head with his right. He also wears the tall, feathered head-dress.</p>

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