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<p><b>Cover 1 - The Nativity Cycle</b></p><p style='text-align: justify;'> The Annunciation. In the background, two round-headed arches divided by a central column with an acanthus capital. The arches have a wavy moulding. on the left is Gabriel with a circular nimbus incised with rays. he holds a long staff and his right arm is extended. on the right sits the Virgin in a chair with ornamental legs and uprights. She has a plain nimbus, her right hand is on her head and the left hand rests on her thigh.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'> The Nativity. At the top in the centre is a small triangular gable or pediment, to the right and left of thus are two demi-angels with extended wings. Below it in the centre the heads of the ass and ox look over the oblong manger in which is resting the swaddled Child. On the left sits Joseph, bearded and nimbed, his left hand supporting his chin and his right hand on his knee. On the right is the Virgin, also nimbed reclining on an oval mattress, looking towards Joseph and the Child.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'> The Baptism. In the centre is Christ, beardless in a loin-cloth with a cross-nimbus, His hands hang down and above His head a dove is flying vertically. On the right is John, bearded and nimbed in full robes. John's right hand is on Christ's head and there is a short roll in his left. On the left are two nimbed angels with cloths over their extended hands. Below their feet, a small figure of the river-god, Jordan, is reclining with an urn. Water, shown like folds of drapery, rises to Christ's middle. The panels are early thirteenth or late twelfth century.</p><p><b>Cover 2 - The Resurrection Cycle</b></p><p style='text-align: justify;'> The appearance to the Women. On the left the sepulchre, a small round tower with a tiled roof. In front, full-face, sits a nimbed angel holding a staff terminating at top in a palm-like leaf, his right hand on his breast. Facing him are two nimbed women with mantles covering their heads, one tall, one short. The shorter, has her left hand at her face (drawing away her mantle?) and her right hand extended. Next, a tree with three conventional branches at top. On the right, facing left is Christ, bearded and robed with a cross-nimbus. His right hand is raised, a short roll is in his left hand.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'> The Ascension. Centre in a plain oval glory, facing left, is the ascending Christ, bearded and robed with a cross-nimbus. In His left hand is a long slender cross over His shoulder, His right hand is stretched up clasping the Divine hand above. Right and left at the top are two small angels in clouds flying horizontally. Below on the left are three couples of figures looking up. All are nimbed; five are apostles the sixth (foremost at the bottom) the Virgin. On the right are three similar couples of apostles in various attitudes of excitement. In the centre below Christ's feet are two standing angels, each with their arms raised.</p><p style='text-align: justify;'> Pentecost. Most of the field is occupied by a chevron shaped enclosure, filled by eleven figures of seated Apostles (five on each side, one at the top). All are nimbed. Over the head of the one at the the top is the divine hand, from which proceeds rays. The spandrels at top right and left are occupied by buildings. The left has arched openings through which are seen looped-up curtains; the other has a square-headed door, and a like curtain in seen within. The triangular space in the foreground has a large rosette shaped object springing out from the border below, possibly a nine-sided font.</p>

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