Middle English Manuscripts : Wycliffe Old Testament

Middle English Manuscripts

Parts of the Old Testament in both the earlier and later Wycliffite versions, together with a gloss of Daniel. <p style='text-align: justify;'>(1) Parts of the Old Testament: (a) folio <a dir='auto' href='' onclick='store.loadPage(5);return false;'>1r-10v</a>, Ezekiel, abbreviated, earlier Wycliffite version; (b) folio <a dir='auto' href='' onclick='store.loadPage(25);return false;'>11r-50v</a>, Daniel, later Wycliffite version; (c) folios <a dir='auto' href='' onclick='store.loadPage(104);return false;'>50v-76r</a>, Minor Prophets, abbreviated, earlier Wycliffite version; (d) folio <a dir='auto' href='' onclick='store.loadPage(155);return false;'>76r-90v</a>, 1 Maccabees, abbreviated, ending imperfectly at 9: 39 'greet appairel and', earlier Wycliffite version. In (a, c, d) the scribe writes 'et cetera' at the point at which he omits words, for example 'and y siȝe visions of god. et cetera and of þe middil of it' where 'etc.' takes the place of Ezekiel 1: 2-4. There is no prologue to (b).</p><p style='text-align: justify;'>(2) folio <a dir='auto' href='' onclick='store.loadPage(103);return false;'>50r-50v</a>, 'Glose of Daniel'. 'Here endiþ þe book of daniel and bigynne þe glose of daniel. The first visioun is of a stoon... is figurid in þis. Lyre on þe bigynninge on þe iie c' of daniel.'</p>

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