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The Museum of Medicine and Health

The Museum of Medicine and Health

This sub-collection within History of Medicine contains 24 objects, carefully curated from the Museum of Medicine and Health. Part of the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, the museum is home to over 8000 instruments and equipment, spanning 300 years. Renamed the Beswick Collection after its founders Dr F.B. Beswick (1925-2019) and Charlotte Beswick (1926-2013), the objects are based at the Medical School Stopford Building. In the foyer is a display of a selection of objects, in the Instruments of Change exhibition.

The museum has close links with the University’s Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine with research and teaching activity aligning with Social Responsibility priorities at The University of Manchester. Objects are accessed for research, teaching and learning and public engagement with our communities, particularly schools.

Content Warning
The Museum of Medicine and Health contains historical instruments and equipment. Aspects of the development and past use of some objects reflect prejudices of the era, which may cause offense, or upset. This is not condoned by The University of Manchester, but we are committed to providing access to this material as evidence of attitudes of the time period.